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🌺I'm Eira! Yes, that's my real name. Thanks for stopping by my profile page!🌺


About Me

I'm just another player who loves all kind of video games, but unfortunately, I don't usually play multiplayer games. I'm a shy Single-player, so I prefer to enjoy the story, world and characters of a game by myself.

If you want to know my personality trait, I can tell you that I am an INFJ-T (Advocate) and I'm also positioned in the Neutral Good section in The Aligment System.

My Zodiac Sign is Virgo ♍︎ and my favorite color is Green.

Me and Celeste


My Gamer Self

I would qualify myself as an ♠ Explorer ♠ gamer and kind of an ♦ Achiever ♦ inside the four gamer types of Bartle taxonomy of player types. This means that I love to see every little detail inside and out a game, I take my time to explore every corner in a room, talk to each character, seeing all dialogue and endings possibles. I would be the strange person who would never skip a tutorial or explanation just because it's a part of the game, in fact, I would even seek them just to read it. Even easter eggs, references, theories and glitches are interesting to me. I also try to obtain every collectable in a game, if it's possible.

Sometimes I can tend to lean more to the ♥ Socializer ♥ gamer personality, those who enjoy talking and being kind to other players and even fictional characters in the game. Sometimes I like to replay games to learn more about the characters or to try to imagine myself in the protagonist's place and think of how I would react in different scenarios. If I play online, something that I don't usually do, I most likely would try to help other players as much as possible instead of rival them. As you can see, I don't like playing competitive games at all, but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate other things about them or see others playing them.

I love games so much that I have even decided that this is the professional career I want to achieve, or at least, my dream is to make or participate in the creation of a video game someday. That's why I'm studying video games and animation in the present. I am very bad at programming though, and I prefer to focus on the artistic part in projects like this.

My Contributions

My edits here are minor, and I only delete vandalism, but here is a list of my contributions:

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