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I noticed that you {{{problem}}}. Per the Policy, I have now reverted these changes.

This template allows users to warn other users by filling in this template's four parameters. While Template:Warn1 exists for warning simple good-faith edits (see more at Template:Warn1/doc), this template can be used for other cases by using this template with its parameters filled in. The parameters are defined below:

  • welcome makes a friendly welcoming message appear if the parameter has a value passed to it.
  • problem is a mandatory parameter that should be filled in with whatever problem the warned user has made. It will then display this text at the right point in the sentence.
  • calm adds a bit of consoling text aimed at users who may not know that they were doing something wrong. This message only appears if the parameter has a value passed to it.
  • closing makes one of four closings appear, depending on what number between 1 and 4 is inserted. These closings denote what warning they would correspond to for a user causing trouble in a way that would warrant four warnings; 1 would be for the first, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, and 4 for the final one. For offenses with fewer warnings, subtract accordingly; e.g. vandalism only gets one warning, so vandalism warnings should just start with closing = 4.
(Note: I originally planned to make a template for each of the 4 warning levels, but after realizing that Warn2, Warn3, and Warn4 would just require users to fill in or leave out all parameters at their discretion—excluding calm, which likely wouldn't be used—I opted not to make those templates to avoid template clutter.)