Dream block

Large, black, sometimes-moving blocks with many-colored, purely cosmetic stars inside of them (and sometimes with spikes on some sides of them). Upon dashing against a non-spiky edge of one of these blocks, the player will be transported in a straight line to the opposite side of the block, where they will then emerge. This capability allows the player to access otherwise inaccessible places, but they can also be deadly if the player emerges from one of these blocks directly into a wall that touches one of these blocks, as doing so will kill the player instantly. Note that emerging through spikes will not kill the player, although touching the spikes under any other circumstances will. These blocks can be found in Chapter 2 (where a special deactivated form of these blocks also appear), as well as in Chapter 7, the B and C-sides of Chapter 8, and Chapter 9. Names for this object include Dream Blocks, Space Jam, Star Blocks, and Star Jam.

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