These are brown platforms with blue-and-brown borders on one or more sides of the platform and a face on the front of the platform. The face will have its eyes closed and its tongue sticking out in a peaceful or sleeping expression by default. However, if the player dashes against one of the blue-and-brown bordered sides, the eyes will light up blue, the mouth will contort into an angry expression, and the platform will charge in the direction of the side that the player dashed against (e.g. if it had a bordered left side and the player dashed against its left side, it would charge left). This platform will continue to charge, destroying any Semi-Smashable Walls in front of it in the process, until it collides with a normal wall (or with a Dislodgable Platform), at which point the platform will resume its peaceful expression and slowly drift back to its starting position. The player may provoke it again during this process or while it is actively charging, causing it to instead charge in a different direction. No matter what the player does, however, once the player has finished dashing against it as many times as they are going to do so, it will retrace its steps to its initial position. These can be found in Chapter 6. Names for this object include Angry Platforms, Kevin Blocks, and Kevins.

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