The Prologue is the first chapter of Celeste, coming before the first chapter proper (Chapter 1: Forsaken City). It gives the setup for the game, teaches the player the game's basic mechanics, and introduces three characters: Madeline, the Old Woman, and the Bird.

Gameplay Edit

This chapter is fairly simple in terms of gameplay, with the only two objects present in the environment being the Overhead Platform Trap and the Collapsing Bridge. However, this chapter does teach the player two maneuvers—climbing and dashing—through the Bird. (Moving and jumping are not taught to the player at all.)

Plot Edit

Madeline mentally encourages herself to continue on her journey before entering a snowy area. After passing a few challenges with the help of a Bird (who teaches Madeline how to climb), Madeline encounters an Old Woman, who Madeline gets directions to Celeste Mountain from. Before Madeline leaves, the Old Woman warns Madeline that Madeline might not be ready for Celeste Mountain, but Madeline dismisses the Old Woman as crazy and leaves. Immediately afterwards, Madeline tries to cross a bridge which collapses as she runs across it, causing her to begin to fall. However, the Bird teaches Madeline how to dash before she falls, allowing Madeline to reach solid ground. Madeline then encourages herself again as the level ends.
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Quotes Edit

Old Woman (to Madeline): But you should know, Celeste Mountain is a strange place.
  Old Woman: You might see things.
  Old Woman: Things you ain't ready to see.

Trivia Edit

  • Cheat Mode can be activated through Prologue, by starting the chapter and going to the left screen instead of going to the right. On a keyboard with default controls, input: Left - Right - Tab - Z - Up - Up - Down - Left - Z - C. On a controller with default controls, input: Left - Right - LT - RT - Up - Up - Down - Left - RB - A.This will then bring the player back to the chapter selecting screen, with all chapters, B-Sides and C-Sides unlocked, and will add a "Cheat Mode" stamp on the player's profile. Note: this won't collect any strawberries nor Crystal Hearts; and no levels are considered "completed".
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