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Old Woman is a character in Celeste and one of the few known people who inhabit the mountain. She demonstrates great knowledge about the mountain, constantly warning Madeline about its powers. Her attitude tends to be carefree, serving mainly as a medium for Madeline to vent her feelings and reveal more about her character. Madeline refers to her as "Granny" in Chapter 9, possibly revealing her to be Madeline's grandmother (unless this is simply a term of affection). It was also revealed that, with Theo's grandfather, she traveled up the mountain as Madeline did when she was younger. She was revealed to have died in Chapter 9.


Old Woman is short, has white hair, and has wrinkles around her face. She wears a green jacket, brown pants and shoes (dark bluish-green in promotional art), and supports herself on a staff.



  • At the end of Chapter 9, Theo sends Madeline a picture of his grandfather with Granny, with the names "Celia & Carlos" at the bottom right. This indicates that her real name may actually be Celia.


  • "If my 'driveway' almost did you in, the Mountain might be a bit much for you." -Prologue
  • "Oshiro is a lost soul, dear. That place is much more than just a hotel to him." -Chapter 4
  • "The Mountain doesn't pull any punches." -Chapter 6
  • "It's hard to believe that it's over, isn't it? Funny how we get attached to the struggle." -Chapter 7C
  • "Funerals are for all you suckers stuck living without me." -Chapter 9