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Mr. Oshiro is a resident at Celeste Mountain and one of the characters Madeline meets in her climb. He first appears within the Celestial Resort in Chapter 3, and last appears in the epilogue. He is the long deceased owner of the Celestial Resort and runs the hotel independently, despite the evident lack of customers.

According to the Old Woman, the reason he stays at the hotel is that he is a lost soul, and the hotel is "much more than just a hotel to him", as evident by documents found in the level. In the epilogue, Mr. Oshiro opens up and leaves the hotel to attend the "party" with everyone to have some homemade strawberry pie.


Although his form can be changed, Mr. Oshiro usually appears as a Japanese man with a big pink nose and dark-green hair. He wears a green sweater, black pants, a brown belt, and brown shoes. In his enraged form, his head is greatly enlarged, his skin turns white, he gains four fangs (two on the top, two on the bottom), red eyes, and pointed ears.


Passed away due to unknown reasons not explained in-game, Mr. Oshiro was once the Celestial Resort concierge, a hotel staff member who greeted and assisted the guests and general caretaker of the hotel. He loved working at Celestial Resort as much as he loved the resort and loved employees like family and home.[3] Unfortunately, 'due to circumstances beyond their control', the resort was to be closed indefinitely.[3]

After his mysterious death decades prior to the events of the game,[4] Mr. Oshiro still resides in the Celestial Resort as a lost spirit without realizing his demise, now disillusioned as seen in his monologues throughout the chapter. He also unknowingly began spawning living sludge manifested from his doubts and fears, as evident from the scene before reaching the presidential suite where Mr. Oshiro was more doubtful of his own abilities as the resort caretaker after Madeline helped clean up the resort. His belief that the resort was still in operation was challenged when the other Part of Madeline appeared and directly confronted him, resulting in Mr. Oshiro chasing Madeline out of the hotel.

Although it is unknown when exactly Mr. Oshiro was freed from his own disillusions, it is seen in the credits that he was utilizing his sludge to help clean up the resort, indicating that he had, perhaps, accepted his own doubts and fears in the end.
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  • His surname, Oshiro, means "big castle" in Japanese,[5] suggesting that Mr. Oshiro is either from Japan or has Japanese ancestry.


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