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Madeline Edit

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Madeline is a red-haired Canadian woman. She is determined to climb Mount Celeste, despite opposition from others including herself. She is the only playable character in Celeste.

In the Prologue, the Bird tells Madeline how to move and climb, as well as saving her from a collapsing bridge by teaching her how to dash. Later, in Chapter 7, Madeline gains the ability to dash twice.

Theo Edit

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Theo is an American man of Brazilian descent. He is also climbing Mount Celeste, though unlike Madeline he isn't aiming for the summit. Compared to her, he is more laid-back and doesn't have the same internal struggles--however, he does have a reason for leaving his job to climb the mountain.

Theo appears time and time again throughout the game as a supporting character. The player is able to talk to him each time and watch Madeline gain a friendship with him.

Badeline Edit

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Badeline, referred to in-game as Part of Madeline (Part of Me/Part of Her), is an aspect of Madeline's mind that gained her own body in Chapter 2. She plays an antagonistic role throughout much of the story, chasing Madeline and breaking gondolas in hopes of stopping her from climbing the mountain.

Old Woman Edit

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The Old Woman is one of the few people to live on Mount Celeste. She has a cabin at the very base of the mountain and appears occasionally to guide Madeline with her knowledge of the mountain; how she manages to appear everywhere is unknown. Madeline does not initially enjoy how the Old Woman talks to her.

Mr. Oshiro Edit

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Mr. Oshiro is the deceased owner of the defunct Celestial Resort and mostly appears in Chapter 3. When Madeline comes to the resort, he is cordial towards her in hopes of getting her to stay there. The Old Woman describes him as a "lost soul".

Bird Edit

The Bird is a blue, crow-like character. The Bird's usual purpose is either to teach the player some new gameplay element in Celeste, or to herald the arrival of the Old Woman (as the Bird is often found near her).

In the Prologue, the Bird first teaches the player how to move and climb, then saves Madeline from falling into a chasm by teaching the player how to dash, allowing Madeline to make it to the other side safely. The Bird later appears near the Old Woman in Chapter 4, Chapter 6, the Epilogue, and Chapter 8, as well as appearing on its own in Chapter 2's B-Side (to teach the player that they can jump out of Dream Blocks), Chapter 7's B-Side (to teach the player how to wallbounce), and in Chapter 8's C-Side (to teach the player how to do a hyper).

It plays a major role in Chapter 9, where Madeline continually chases after the bird believing it to be Part of Granny, and that catching it is the only way to find her.

Minor Characters Edit

Alex Edit

Alex is Theo's sister, who he describes as a "rockstar" and having a very good sense of what she wants to do in life. She is studying to become a civil rights lawyer while also struggling with issues similar to Madeline; Theo hopes to support her as best as he can.

Vovô Edit

Theo's deceased grandfather, who had climbed Mount Celeste long before his grandson was born. He never talked much about the mountain to Theo, but did leave behind various mementos that Theo and Alex look through.

Green-haired Person Edit

Never referred to by any name, the green-haired person makes their one and only appearance when Madeline tries to call them in her dream. The way they speak to Madeline implies the two of them dated at one point, but have since broken up. They have not spoken to her for a long time in real life.

Madeline's mother Edit

Madeline's mother only appears once in-game, listening to Madeline over the phone after the latter wakes up from a nightmare. In general, she is aware of what Madeline struggles with and supports her somewhat.

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