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Epilogue is the chapter after Chapter 7: The Summit and plays after the credits. It's a small chapter consisting of a cutscene and the ending screen showing the player their deaths, strawberries and time.

After the Epilogue ends, Chapter 8: Core is unlocked for the player, however they need 4 Crystal Hearts to access it.


After Madeline (and Badeline) get back down from the Summit, they go to the Old Woman's house (as told in the cutscene, they got told by a bird to visit the house). Theo, the old woman, and Madeline are all in the house when Mr. Oshiro enters the house. Afterwards, Madeline makes strawberry pie, and the reaction (and the ending photo) relies on the amount of strawberries the player has collected.
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If you collected 0-19 strawberries, everyone has a bland expression, Badeline does not not speak during this scene, while she looks down at the pie, disappointed. The pie consists of a rather pathetic and bland design, the filling being the same color as the crust. Theo seems to accept the pie while Mr. Oshiro complains and Old Woman has the same emotion, saying that strawberry pies are supposed to have strawberries in them.

If you collected 20-49 strawberries, everyone seems to accept the pie more, this time the pie has a single strawberry with red filling. Theo does not accept the pie this time, but Badeline complains and says that she will eat the pie herself.

If you collected 50-89 strawberries, the pie has the same strawberry on the top, but the filling is now visible and everyone is more satisfied. Everyone congratulates Madeline while Badeline is not impressed with Mr. Oshiro.

If you collected 90-149 strawberries, the pie has double strawberries on top, and the pie has more coating. Old Woman says that it makes her baking " a run for its money." Badeline is impressed with the pie while Theo says "Holy crap!" while Mr. Oshiro invites Madeline to join his banquet while Theo wants to give Alex a slice of the pie, saying "she'll die when she tastes it."

If you collected 150 or more strawberries, the pie now has three strawberries with 2 scoops of strawberry ice cream. The strawberry also has wings on the top, and the crust of the pie is adorned with whipped cream. Theo loves the pie. Madeline, telling Theo to "be honest," does not believe that the pie is actually good, but Old Woman says that he is right. Mr. Oshiro says that it is magnificent and "a symphony for taste buds." Badeline wants to take credit for this, and she is carrying a strawberry in her hair.



  • Due to the way the sky progresses throughout the chapters, it can be assumed the main story of Celeste occurs over a span of two days.
  • This is the only chapter in the game where all the characters are present.
  • If Madeline travels to the right from the Old Woman's house instead of travelling to the left to trigger the Epilogue cutscene, she encounters the bridge that collapsed during the game's Prologue. One more room to the right is a bird's nest, around which fly birds similar to those in the Crystal Heart room in Chapter 1.