Chapter 9: Farewell is the ninth and final chapter of Celeste. The Chapter was introduced as a free update (on September 9th, 2019) to the game. The chapter introduces several new objects and utilizes highly technical mechanics, most notably, Wavedashing and Wallbouncing (See Moves). Unlike previous chapters, Chapter 9: Farewell only features an A-side, as it is intended to be the most challenging chapter of the game, even harder than the B/C-sides. It is unlocked as soon as Chapter 8 is completed, although only the first 3 sub-chapters are accessible until the player has collected at least 15 crystal hearts, unless the player wavedashes fast enough.

Gameplay Edit

Chapter 9: Farewell features 9 sub-chapters, making it the longest overall Chapter in the game.

Change in Dashing Edit

In the first sub-chapter: Start, Madeline can dash twice mid-air, but just before the second sub-chapter: Singular, and onwards, Madeline loses her ability to dash twice mid-air naturally (due to Badeline refusing to help Madeline and Madeline telling her to leave). Double Diamonds can temporarily grant Madeline a second dash in-air.

Objects Edit

Chapter 9: Farewell introduces 6 new Objects: Double Diamonds, Jellyfish Parachutes, Jellyfish Barriers, Exploding Fish, Utility Vaults, and The Bird.

Note: Though the Bird is a character, it is treated as an object in Chapter 9: Farewell. It launches the player to the right, similar to Purple Orbs.

The first sub-chapter: Start, contains 2 objects: Purple Orbs, and White Clouds

The second sub-chapter: Singular, contains 12 objects: Double Diamonds, Exploding Fish, Gems, Dashing Platforms, Springs, Crystals, Spikes, Skull Binoculars, Dream Blocks, Falling Platforms, Shields, and Shield-Activated Platforms.

The third sub-chapter: Power Source, contains 10 objects: Springs, Jellyfish Parachutes, Jellyfish Barriers, Double Diamonds, Gems, Falling Platforms, Crystals, Keys, Locks, Red Orbs, and Utility Vaults.

The fourth sub-chapter: Remembered, contains 17 objects: White Clouds, Crystals, Exploding Fish, Double Diamonds, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Skull Binoculars, Jellyfish Parachutes, Jellyfish Barriers, Springs, Spikes, Gems, Falling Platforms, Dash Switches, Conveyor-Belt Platforms, Dashing Platforms, and Triggered Platforms.

The fifth sub-chapter: Event Horizon, contains 19 objects: Double Diamonds, Spikes, Dream Blocks, Crystals, Falling Platforms, Conveyor Walls, Kevin Blocks, Sludge-Spawning Tiles, Skull Binoculars, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Conveyor-Belt Platforms, Gems, Triggered Platforms, Green Bubbles, Disappearing Platforms, Springs, White Clouds, and Feathers.

Event Horizon also contains a Crystal Heart Gate, which requires 15 Crystal Hearts to unlock the rest of Chapter 9: Farewell.

The Sixth sub-chapter: Determination, contains 23 objects: Crystals, Feathers, Double Diamonds, Dashing Platforms, Gems, Triggered Platforms, Sludge-Spawning Tiles, Springs, Skull Binoculars, Red Orbs, Wind, Disappearing Platforms, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Spikes, Launching Blocks, Blades (In the form of colorful stars), Falling Platforms, Ice Balls, Fire Balls, Green Bubbles, Kevin Blocks, and Purple Orbs.

The Seventh sub-chapter: Stubbornness, contains 10 objects: Rhythm Blocks, Spikes, Skull Binoculars, Crystals, Double Diamonds, Gems, Springs, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, and Red Orbs.

The eighth sub-chapter: Reconciliation, contains 20 objects: Rhythm Blocks, Spikes, Gems, The Bird, Utility Vaults, Falling Platforms, Purple Orbs, Jellyfish Parachutes, Jellyfish Barriers, Springs, Double Diamonds, Crystals, Exploding Fish, Feathers, Dream Blocks, Dashing Platforms, Triggered Platforms, Wind, Conveyor-Belt Platforms, and Kevin Blocks.

The ninth sub-chapter: Farewell, contains 17 objects: Jellyfish Parachutes, Jellyfish Barriers, Exploding Fish, Skull Binoculars, Springs, Purple Orbs, Spikes, The Bird, Gems, Double Diamonds, Wind, Blades, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Feathers, Falling Platforms, and Utility Vaults.

Crystal Heart Edit

A white Crystal Heart (entitled Empty Space) exists at the end of the fourth sub-chapter: Remembered. However, this is only used as a cutscene trigger and is destroyed shortly after. There are no obtainable Crystal Hearts in Chapter 9: Farewell.

Plot Edit

In the future, Madeline visits the Gravestone of the Old Woman (now referred to as Granny). Madeline had developed a strong relationship with Granny as pen-pals. Her death was enough to break Madeline's heart, and she started becoming in denial about her death. Madeline starts to see the Bird, as part of Granny, and sets off on a journey to chase it in space, in hopes of any explanation. Badeline begins protesting against the idea of chasing the bird, and eventually abandons Madeline.

Madeline starts to become more stubborn about her motive, and goes as far as to reject a Crystal Heart, breaking the space environment, in favor of pursuing the Bird.

She catches the bird a couple times, but to no avail. Badeline returns, and tries to convince Madeline to stop chasing the bird. Badeline explains that this is all a dream, and that Madeline should wake up. She doesn't want to. After her futile effort to find any explanation, Madeline begins to accept that Granny will be truly gone forever. Together, they decide to help free the Bird that Madeline had cornered, as a sort of tribute to Granny.

After Madeline frees the Bird. She starts to dream of a bright and cloudy horizon, and meets Granny for the last time. Madeline apologizes to her for not attending her funeral, and thanks her for helping Madeline on her journey up Celeste Mountain. Granny disintegrates, and shortly after, Madeline wakes up.

Madeline starts chatting to Theo, who had tried contacting her for a long time. And is shown an old photograph of Granny, and Theo's Grandpa. Madeline is happy that her experience climbing the mountain with Theo was just like that of Theo's Grandpa, and Granny.
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Quotes Edit

  • Madeline: That bird was always looking out for me on the Mountain, just like Granny did.
  • Old Lady: Funerals are for all you suckers stuck living without me.
  • Theo: Long time no see, Strawberry.

Secrets Edit

Moon Berry Edit

There is a unique variation of the strawberry - dubbed the Moon Berry, that can be found in Chapter 9: Farewell. When collected, the game rewards you with the 'Wow' achievement.

The Moon Berry is located in the last sub-chapter: Farewell. Solid platforms can be seen inside the electricity fields near the very end. After destroying the Utility Vault these platforms can be landed on. Instead of dashing right toward the Bird, dashing left at an upward angle can land you onto the first platform. Checkpoints are provided if you reach high enough, and you'll have to clear an additional few rooms, before you are rewarded with the Moon Berry. A Purple Orb exists at the end, and will take you to the same ending cutscene.
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Debug Mode Edit

In the very first room, past the old lady. A large sign exists with "Debug Mode :)" displayed. Usually, it would cut to the scene of the gravestone before you see this, but if you have Debug Mode enabled, you can spawn on top of the sign, behind the Old Lady, and past the cutscene trigger. Talking to the Old Lady will have her say "I see you have discovered Debug Mode."

g-06 (Nightmare Fuel Kevin Room) Edit

In sub-chapter 5: Event Horizon, in the very last level, a small room can be found if you detour north-west partway along the path of Feathers, as you are chasing the Bird. 3 Kevin Blocks are displayed above the room, and upon entering, an ambient noise - dubbed Nightmare Fuel, can be heard.

When this noise is placed under a spectrogram, the phrase: "not so empty" can be seen written in cursive. It is speculated that this correlates with the Crystal Heart (entitled Empty Space), along with the track in the 'Celeste: Farewell OST' titled: "The Empty Space Above'.

After some time has passed, community members have solved the riddle of this secret room which seems to show various images hidden inside a spectrogram.[1]. Putting all glitch audio files together in a specific order reveals a large dedication list with many names from the Celeste community.

Golden Strawberry Room Edit

If the player completes Chapter 9 with the golden strawberry, they will be transported to a special room instead of the ending cutscene with Granny. This room serves as an extra challenge for those attempting the golden strawberry, and dying here will reset the player back to the beginning. Completing this room will transport the player to the ending cutscene and the player will collect the golden strawberry.

Hidden Intro Car Edit

At the end of the part in Remembered in which the player has to climb on tall falling blocks with springs, going to the right corner at the end of the room reveals a tiny room with a hidden intro car.

Speedrunning Record Progression Edit


Name Time Date Days Standing
UltraMarlin 18:34.537 13/9/2019 2
Flarebear 18:14.426 15/9/2019 1
UltraMarlin 17:54.434 16/9/2019 0
Buhbai 17:50.830 16/9/2019 3
Buhbai 17:20.502 19/9/2019 0
Buhbai 17:00.034 19/9/2019 1
Buhbai 16:35.435 20/9/2019 9
Nero_x2 16:05.209 29/9/2019 110
Psyched 16:01.877 6/2/2020 7
DemoJameson 15:52.697 13/2/2020 5+

Full Clear:

Name Time Date Days Standing
Mrjerkyjerky 1:40.55.587 18/9/2019 1
Mrjerkyjerky 1:16:41.067 19/9/2019 1
Blueye 39:46.919 20/9/2019 1
Jumpyluff 36:02.366 21/9/2019 0
Squeali0 29:59.824 21/9/2019 0
Squeali0 24:59.281 21/9/2019 7
Buhbai 19:59.486 28/9/2019 73
DemoJameson 18:06.878 10/12/2019 70+

Major Strategies Edit

Key Room Skip Edit

The hidden top entrance which normally leads to a key, can be used as a speed strat to avoid the entire key search during the Power Source checkpoint and skip straight up to Remembered. When the player takes the pink crystal, breaks the Vault and grabs a jellyfish, they can skip the entirety of this section with skillful jelly boosts. When the player gets to the vertical room leading to the transition into Remembered, they can take a shortcut by performing a precise diagonal dash between spinners in order to find a hidden room. It requires the player to do a little bit of jumping and wallbouncing in order to skip straight to the next checkpoint.

Demodash Room Edit

In the vertical falling section with the moving starfish during the Determination checkpoint, if the player manages to do a demodash through a wall of spinners, they will access a small room with pink diamonds and two small rooms enclosed in spikes. This section serves as a practice room for people who want to learn demodashes. It's also an alternate room for TAS (Tool Assisted Speedruns) or very dedicated speedrunners.

Heart Gate Skip Edit

The falling Heart Gate at the very beginning of Event Horizon can be skipped if the player is fast enough. In order to do it, the player has to do a quick Super Dash followed by a Hyper or Wavedash in order to slide under the gate. The player has to be very quick though, as being too slow may result with getting crushed by it.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If the player goes to the Moon Berry room while carrying a Golden Strawberry, it will detach and wait for them in the next room due to the fact the player has to take a mandatory death in order to access the next section. This was made because normally the player has to complete the entire chapter without dying.
  • The green flag in the Golden Berry Room and the sound it plays when the player touches it are references to the end flag in the Pico-8 version of Celeste.
  • Even though Chapter 9 can be accessed right after completing Core, the player appears at the place where 7C ends despite not needing to complete any C-Sides.
    • When Chapter 9 was during development, Matt hinted that the DLC chapter would be accessible only after completing the C-Sides, however that was later changed to only require collecting 15 hearts.
  • When Matt started building Chapter 9, it was supposed to be a collection of various ideas that didn't make it into the main story. Eventually a plot was made, and the chapter turned out to be much longer than it was planned to be at first.

References Edit

  1. Kevin Room puzzle
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