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Chapter 5: Mirror Temple is the fifth chapter of Celeste. It takes place in an ancient temple that contains a mysterious power coming from the mountain. It also introduces the player to a variety of new mechanics.



The first sub-chapter, Start, contains twelve objects: Swap Blocks, Red Bubbles, Blue Torches, Dash Switches, Temple Gates, Crystals, Springs, Spikes, Diamonds, Blades, Keys, and Locks.

The second sub-chapter, Depths, contains the following objects: Blue Torches, Yellow Torches, Red Bubbles, Crystals, Dash Switches, Temple Gates, Swap Blocks, Springs, Skull Binoculars, [more to come...] This sub-chapter also includes the chapter's B-Side Cassette Tape.

Crystal Heart

Main article: Crystal Hearts Guide

Alternative Sides

The B-Side is split into three parts: Central Chamber, Through The Mirror and Mix Master. It features the song Mirror Magic Mix by 2 Mello. The section order is very similar, however, the search and puzzle parts are much shorter than in the original chapter.

The C-Side features a large number of Swap Blocks and Red Bubbles. While it lacks the puzzle sections, it focuses solely on timings and techniques such as Wall Bounces.

Seeker Mini-game

About halfway through the chapter, the player is temporarily put in control of a Seeker, allowing the player to move freely in two dimensions and dash to break Seeker Barriers. This continues until the player finds Madeline and touches her, ending the mini-game and allowing the player to resume control of Madeline as usual.


Theo and Madeline encounter a mysterious temple. Theo, enamored with the temple, wishes to explore it; Madeline, still nervous from her ordeal in Chapter 4, advises against this, but Theo enters regardless, so Madeline follows. Shortly afterwards, Madeline finds Theo's discarded phone in front of a mirror with a mysterious eyeball symbol over it. Telling herself not to panic, Madeline retrieves Theo's phone and continues through the temple.

After some exploration, Madeline finds Theo, but he appears to be trapped inside a giant mirror. Theo explains that he had been trying to take a mirror selfie, but wound up unconscious, leading him to his current state. Theo then describes what things look like on the other side of the mirror, but is forced to leave before he can describe more than a few ominous details, leaving Madeline to continue her journey on her side of the mirror.

After further exploration of the temple, Madeline eventually comes across a large mirror, covered in a curtain. After the curtain is removed, the mirror sucks in Madeline, at which point the Seeker minigame occurs. After this sequence is finished, Madeline wakes up in a new area filled with thorns and tendrils. She has an argument with Badeline, where she learns that the temple magnifies the mountain's power and that the strange environment comes from Madeline.

After entering a dark area, she meets Theo again, encased in a crystal, behind spikes, and unable to move. Theo tells her that the temple is also creating entities around him, and that he needs Madeline to free him.

Eventually, Madeline finds her way around to Theo, where she releases Theo from the structure he was in; however, she is unable to destroy the crystal, so she has to carry Theo out of the temple. On the journey towards the exit of the temple, there are many rooms with doors that need Theo to be entered. This is a pun on the fact that Theo's full name is Theo-dore, so the door is a Theo-Door. After carrying him for a short while, she finds the exit, blocked by a large eyeball. She throws Theo at the eyeball, killing it and freeing Theo from the crystal.
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More to come...

Speedrunning Record Progression

Clear (5A):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Buhbai 5:29.324 20/2/2018 20
Hornlitz 5:13.004 12/3/2018 3
Yp 4:50.479 15/3/2018 4
TGH 4:46.926 19/3/2018 13
TGH 4:41.197 1/4/2018 6
Buhbai 4:36.913 7/4/2018 9
Buhbai 4:35.468 16/4/2018 5
Buhbai 4:28.362 21/4/2018 28
TGH 4:23.585 19/5/2018 63
Buhbai 4:22.276 21/7/2018 11
DemoJameson 4:18.111 1/8/2018 2
DemoJameson 4:12.994 3/8/2018 15
TGH 4:12.926 18/8/2018 9
TGH 4:09.475 27/8/2018 10
TGH 4:08.744 6/9/2018 69
Fladervy 3:59.615 14/11/2018 235
Buhbai 3:57.864 7/7/2019 25
Buhbai 3:57.745 1/8/2019 201+

Note: Revolucion had 4:20 as a world record at some point, but the video appears to have been taken down, so it is not known when the run happened and it is therefore not included in the table.

B-Side (5B):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Angrevol 3:28.743 22/2/2018 127
Revolucion 3:20.481 29/6/2018 31
Revolucion 3:01.118 30/7/2018 2
Revolucion 2:51.377 1/8/2018 22
Revolucion 2:39.868 23/8/2018 32
Revolucion 2:37.947 24/9/2018 31
Blackpear420 2:31.215 25/10/2018 22
Problemstrol 2:24.823 16/11/2018 1
Problemstrol 2:23.310 17/11/2018 63
Msushi 2:22.341 16/1/2019 27
Aurora Dash 2:21.729 12/2/2019 9
UltraMarlin 2:20.267 21/2/2019 6
UltraMarlin 2:18.890 27/2/2019 4
Aurora Dash 2:18.771 3/3/2019 1
UltraMarlin 2:17.836 4/3/2019 3
Aurora Dash 2:17.819 7/3/2019 1
Aurora Dash 2:15.847 8/3/2019 141
UltraMarlin 2:15.014 27/7/2019 9
Aurora Dash 2:13.671 5/8/2019 43
Aurora Dash 2:13.535 17/9/2019 0
Aurora Dash 2:12.906 17/9/2019 85
UltraMarlin 2:12.192 11/12/2019 7
Aurora Dash 2:11.767 18/12/2019 0
UltraMarlin 2:10.560 18/12/2019 59
Aurora Dash 2:07.143 15/2/2020 3+

C-Side (5C):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Seckswrecks 30.243 16/2/2018 4
Angrevol 24.905 20/2/2018 5
DiTThO 23.409 25/2/2018 166
Buhbai 22.627 10/8/2018 137
Cookiepocalypse 22.304 25/12/2018 31
Cookiepocalypse 22.066 25/1/2019 141
Spirialis 21.624 15/6/2019 76
Zkad 21.097 30/8/2019 85
Zkad 20.672 23/11/2019 87+

Full Clear:

Name Time Date Days Standing
Roofon 23:13.796 22/4/2018 8
Roofon 18:15.854 1/5/2018 1
TeDeMos 16:13.454 2/5/2018 4
TeDeMos 13:36.153 6/5/2018 101
Buhbai 10:01.154 15/8/2018 239
Nero_x2 9:32.305 11/4/2019 313+

Major Strategies

Temple A includes the Depths Cornerboost, a very visually impressive strat which involves hypering off a zip block to obtain a great rightwards velocity, bunnyhopping off a platform, then performing an upwards ultra into a diagonal cornerboost to maintain the momentum into the next room, allowing the zip block in that room to be skipped entirely. It also contains some skips such as searchskip and double bubble skip which are obsolete in any% and are now mainly used in All Red Berries, All Chapters and 5A IL runs.

The Mirror Temple is of particular interest because of its implications for the any% route. Firstly, completing a level's B-Side will unlock the following level, just as completing the level's A-side does. In 5A, the tape room is reasonably close to the beginning, and 5B is significantly shorter than 5A. The optimal route is, therefore, to obtain the tape in 5A to unlock 5B, quit out of the level, then complete 5B. Mirror Temple is not unique in this regards; this is also true of Reflection, but is generally not done there for a number of reasons.

5B also contains the zero-key skip, which avoids picking up either of the two keys in the level and which saves approximately 19 seconds over skipping only one key and which is required for the route to save time. This requires traversing a corridor of spikes. For a time, a pixel-perfect cornerboost was used to jump through it. This is extremely difficult and a failure causes 12 seconds to be lost, so, despite the possible gains, very few players attempted the route due to the incredibly high risk involved. However, DemoJameson eventually found an alternative version of zero-key skip which is slightly slower but far more consistent. In this new method, a bubsdrop -- previously believed to be useless -- is used to exit and re-enter the screen using an exit intended to be one-way, then a suicide is performed, which causes Madeline to respawn-warp past the spike corridor. Once this was discovered, the 5B route finally became widely used.


  • A part of the In The Mirror song which plays during the rescue section, contains a hidden message which can be heard when the player uses a program to play the song reversed. If listening carefully, breathing noises and a short unsettling monologue can be heard which is confirmed to be Lena Raine talking about her fears and personal struggles, ending with quiet sobbing noises. It most likely also refers to Madeline's depression and anxiety that can be noticed during her journey.
    • During the short monologue the following words can be heard:

"Sometimes, I... don't really know... what's going on anymore.
I... I don't... know who I am.
I just... look in the mirror, and... don't know who I'm looking at.
Or... who's looking at me.
I... think a lot... about... where... my train of thought is going... and it's not always a good place.
And that scares me.
I don't... like... scaring myself.
I don't..."

  • In the chapter's B-side, a secret island resembling the Golden Ridge can be found by going left with the first red orb.

Secret Island to the left of the start of Chapter 5's B-side