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Chapter 3: Celestial Resort is the third chapter of Celeste. This chapter features a variety of new objects, as well as the introduction of Oshiro, a new and important character to the story. Chapter 3 runs the player through a run-down hotel, and they are tasked with helping Oshiro (the hotel's owner) clean it up. But something mysterious and ominous lurks...




Huge Mess

A hidden room can be found in this sub-chapter, containing a computer that allows the player to play the PICO-8 version of Celeste.

  • Diamonds
  • Keys
  • Locks
  • Moving Platforms
  • Moving Sludge
  • Platform-Rearranging Buttons
  • Shields
  • Shield-Activated Platforms
  • Shimmer Blocks
  • Sludge
  • Sludge-Spawning Tiles
  • Spikes
  • Springs
  • Water

Elevator Shaft

  • Diamonds
  • Keys
  • Locks
  • Moving Platforms
  • Moving Sludge
  • Shields
  • Shield-Activated Platforms
  • Sludge
  • Sludge-Spawning Tiles
  • Spikes

Presidential Suite

  • Diamonds
  • Moving Sludge
  • Shields
  • Shield-Activated Platforms
  • Sludge
  • Sludge-Spawning Tiles
  • Spikes
  • Springs

Crystal Heart

Main article: Crystal Hearts Guide

The crystal heart is located in the second sub-chapter, Huge Mess.

Alternate Sides

Exploration of the hotel will reward players with the B-Side of the level, featuring the Good Karma mix by Christa Lee. This song is also featured in this level's C-Side, unlocked after beating The Core's B-Side.

Chapter 3's B-side consists of 4 sections: Start, Staff Quarters, Library, and Rooftop. It includes all the same objects from the respective A-Side, with the exception of Water, Smashable Walls, Platform-Rearranging Buttons, and Locks and Keys.

The C-side for the chapter is very similar to the A and B sides. However, the last screen requires the player to bounce on Mr. Oshiro's head for much of the section, a mechanic largely exempt from the A and B sides.


Madeline finds a decrepit hotel, then bypasses animated globs of slime to gain access to the hotel's front door. Upon entering the hotel, Madeline finds an old and damaged guestbook with ominous glowing comments. Madeline then rings the bell at the front desk, summoning a ghostly figure. Madeline is shocked by the presence of a ghost, but he assures her that there's nothing wrong, presenting himself as Mr. Oshiro, the Celestial Resort Hotel's concierge. He assumes that Madeline will stay at the hotel, but Madeline insists that she's just passing through; Mr. Oshiro, refusing to believe that Madeline is leaving, begins escorting Madeline to the hotel's presidential suite, hoping that it will convince her to stay at the hotel.

As Madeline follows Mr. Oshiro through the hotel, Mr. Oshiro becomes increasingly flustered by Madeline's comments on the poor state of the hotel, eventually leading him to lose hope due to the hotel's large amount of clutter. Madeline decides to stay behind to help Mr. Oshiro clean up the hotel. In the process of doing so, Madeline encounters Theo, who distrusts Mr. Oshiro and wants for Madeline and himself to leave through a nearby air vent; Madeline refuses Theo's offer, thinking that she can get through to Mr. Oshiro and help him, so Theo leaves by himself.

Eventually, Madeline manages to clean up the hotel, although she becomes annoyed by Mr. Oshiro's attempts to make her feel like the hotel's service level is high enough that her efforts are unnecessary. Mr. Oshiro then takes Madeline to the hotel's presidential suite in a desperate attempt to keep her as a guest, but the two become separated when Mr. Oshiro has a breakdown in front of the suite's entryway and inadvertently clogs up the passage between Madeline and himself with globs of slime, forcing Madeline to take an alternative route to catch up with Mr. Oshiro. On this alternative route, Madeline encounters Mr. Oshiro's decades-old diary, the final entry of which details Mr. Oshiro's refusal to part with the hotel when it closed at around the time that the diary dated to.

Madeline finally arrives at the presidential suite. There, Mr. Oshiro worriedly tries to win her over with the suite's amenities; Madeline indicates somewhat facetiously that she likes the suite, but can't stay despite the suite's niceness. Mr. Oshiro argues with Madeline, trying to keep her there, until Badeline appears in the presidential suite's mirror, breaks out of the mirror, and severely reprimands Mr. Oshiro for trying to make Madeline stay there when the hotel was low-quality. Madeline tries to console Mr. Oshiro, but he becomes angry and tells her and Badeline to leave, which they do (made possible by Badeline breaking a hole in the ceiling).

Outside, Badeline smugly compliments herself for having rescued Madeline. Annoyed, Madeline tries to make Badeline leave, resulting in Badeline mocking her for abandoning her goal of climbing the mountain to help Mr. Oshiro. Mr. Oshiro arrives and glumly asks Madeline to tell him why she would help him and then ditch him, leading Badeline to tell Mr. Oshiro that Madeline was only helping Mr. Oshiro out of a selfish desire to feed her ego. As Madeline tries to dispel this explanation, Badeline disappears, leaving Madeline to deal with a now enraged Mr. Oshiro, who proceeds to chase Madeline across the hotel's roof.

At the rooftop's edge, despite Madeline's frightened pleadings, Mr. Oshiro destroys the awning that he and Madeline are now perched on, sending the two down to the hotel's back exit on ground level. Mr. Oshiro, now back to normal, decides sadly to close the hotel for repairs. He then leaves, asking Madeline to leave him alone; after slight hesitation, Madeline does this, continuing on her journey.
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Madeline: Just breathe, Mr. Oshiro. Breathe.
​ Madeline: It's just a little spring cleaning.
​ Madeline: Well, more than a little...
​ Madeline: But I can help!
​ Oshiro: You're too kind.
​ Oshiro: But I wouldn't even bother.
Oshiro: It's a lost cause.

Madeline: If I disappear now, Mr. Oshiro could have a meltdown.
​ Madeline: And maybe I can actually do something good. For once.
​ Theo: Forget about your karma, dude.
​ Theo: I think that guy is going to melt down no matter what.
​ Theo: You have to think about your safety.
​ Madeline: Theo. I'll be okay.
​ Theo: Yeah yeah. I didn't expect you to listen.
​ Theo: See you on the outside, jailbird.

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Speedrunning Record Progression

Heavydamage's Resort C 22 was, at one point, the longest standing world record in all of Celeste. It was eventually surpassed by Glackum's Core A 4:07.

Clear (3A):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Hornlitz 5:14.041 2/3/2018 10
Hornlitz 5:11.440 12/3/2018 20
TGH 4:54.763 1/4/2018 4
Buhbai 4:50.343 5/4/2018 27
TGH 4:44.308 2/5/2018 36
Scrublord 4:43.152 7/6/2018 9
TGH 4:40.007 16/6/2018 29
DemoJameson 4:35.519 15/7/2018 1
DemoJameson 4:34.346 16/7/2018 25
TGH 4:33.428 10/8/2018 30
TGH 4:31.932 9/9/2018 16
TGH 4:30.572 25/9/2018 16
Buhbai 4:26.118 11/10/2018 12
Scrublord 4:23.806 23/10/2018 5
Buhbai 4:23.126 28/10/2018 1
Buhbai 4:18.927 29/10/2018 29
TGH 4:16.921 27/11/2018 81
UltraMarlin 4:16.207 15/2/2019 5
Chaikitty 4:15.000 20/2/2019 1
UltraMarlin 4:14.371 21/2/2019 4
UltraMarlin 4:12.280 25/2/2019 1
TGH 4:09.169 26/2/2019 56
UltraMarlin 4:09.050 23/4/2019 4
UltraMarlin 4:08.710 27/4/2019 33
Chaikitty 4:08.149 30/5/2019 11
UltraMarlin 4:03.967 10/6/2019 118
Chaikitty 4:03.882 6/10/2019 75
UltraMarlin 4:01.468 20/12/2019 27
Buhbai 4:01.145 16/1/2020 16
Zkad 3:59.377 1/2/2020 17+

B-Side (3B):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Benteezy 3:02.903 20/3/2018 121
Aurora Dash 2:55.015 19/7/2018 19
Scrublord 2:48.487 7/8/2018 4
Aurora Dash 2:41.959 11/8/2018 2
Scrublord 2:36.876 13/8/2018 4
Aurora Dash 2:32.830 17/8/2018 85
Problemstrol 2:22.256 10/11/2018 7
Problemstrol 2:18.006 17/11/2018 79
Psyched 2:14.793 3/2/2019 87
Psyched 2:11.223 1/5/2019 64
Aurora Dash 2:03.794 14/7/2019 18
Aurora Dash 1:59.833 1/8/2019 201+

C-Side (3C):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Mtomato 24.412 11/2/2018 9
Heavydamage 22.355 20/2/2018 170
Buhbai 20.893 9/8/2018 176
Hunyjoa 20.808 1/2/2019 1
Hunyjoa 20.638 2/2/2019 46
Jumpyluff* 20.638 20/3/2019 0
Jumpyluff 20.536 20/3/2019 0
Jumpyluff 20.502 20/3/2019 0
Jumpyluff 20.434 20/3/2019 0
Jumpyluff 20.315 20/3/2019 2
Jumpyluff 20.298 22/3/2019 159
Zkad 19.992 28/8/2019 21
Zkad 19.890 18/9/2019 14
Jumpyluff 19.873 2/10/2019 0
Jumpyluff 19.822 2/10/2019 0
Jumpyluff 19.788 2/10/2019 0
Zkad 19.669 2/10/2019 48
Zkad 19.499 19/11/2019 91+

Note: Jumpyluff's 20.638 was a tied world record.

Full Clear:

Name Time Date Days Standing
Linkforce0 24:29.208 14/4/2018 18
Roofon 17:12.376 2/5/2018 12
Linkforce0 13:22.808 14/5/2018 20
Roofon 13:08.596 3/6/2018 6
Linkforce0 10:49.961 9/6/2018 68
Buhbai 6:58.863 16/8/2018 470
UltraMarlin 6:54.001 29/11/2019 76
Evansfight 6:39.704 13/2/2020 5+

Major Strategies

An interesting feature of 3A is shaftskip. This uses a pixel-perfect demodash to clip through a wall of dust bunnies, saving about 12 seconds. This works because the demodash reduces the vertical extent of Madeline's hitbox such that it becomes possible to fit between the hitboxes of the individual blob spike objects. This is possible with most blob spikes in the game, but because it is pixel-perfect and nowhere else does it save anywhere near as much time, shaftskip is the only instance of this trick being viable in full game runs. It has been used in the tape room of 3B, however, and is conjectured to be viable in a few other levels (mostly C-sides) as well but has not been successfully applied in those.


  • The 3D model of Celestial Resort on the chapter selection bears a striking resemblance to the fictional hotel The Grand Budapest, from the Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel.