Chapter 2: Old Site

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Chapter 2: Old Site is the second chapter of Celeste. The chapter introduces several new objects, and is the first chapter to include a large amount of story content (detailed below). This chapter also introduces one character: Part of Madeline.




The B-Side Cassette Tape for the chapter is located here.



  • Disappearing Platforms
  • Spikes
  • Springs

Crystal Heart

The Crystal Heart is located in the first sub-chapter, Start.

Alternate Sides

The B-Side is divided into three sub-parts: Start, Combination Lock, and Dream Altar. The first sub-chapter, Start, includes three objects: Star Blocks, Spikes, and Diamonds. The second sub-chapter, Combination Lock, includes six objects: Star Blocks, Spikes, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Diamonds, and Springs. The third sub-chapter, Dream Altar, includes five objects: Springs, Star Blocks, Spikes, Diamonds, and Skull Binoculars.

The C-Side includes seven objects: Star Blocks, Spikes, Springs, Shields, Shield-Activated Platforms, Skull Binoculars, and Diamonds. Note that this list of objects is nearly identical to the list of items in the B-Side sub-chapter Combination Lock, with the only difference in the objects list being that the C-Side has Skull Binoculars, which Combination Lock does not.

The B-Side and C-Side both place a heavy emphasis on the Star Block Jump maneuver, a maneuver where the player has to hit the jump key the moment that they touch the exiting edge of a Star Block, propelling the player both forwards and up. Most of the B-Side's screens (and all of the C-Side's screens) are impossible to navigate without using this maneuver.


Madeline awakes to find that several mysterious changes have occurred to her surroundings: the flames of the campfire that she lit before she went to sleep have turned green, blue lights are descending from the sky, and the text of the Celeste Memorial is now re-arranging itself at random. Madeline then leaves the Celeste Memorial and starts exploring the surrounding area.

After a significant amount of exploring, Madeline encounters a large mirror. As she passes by it, she sees in it a reflection of herself with various features changed (the reflection has purple hair, white skin, and red eyes). Madeline stops after passing by the mirror and walks back over to it, where she again sees this distorted reflection. The reflection then walks over to in front of her, breaks out of the mirror, and runs away. After this occurs, several non-interactive blocks in the level transform into Star Blocks. Using these Star Blocks, Madeline continues to explore.

Near the Celeste Memorial, Madeline explores a previously-inaccessible area, where she finds her reflection from earlier sitting by a dead campfire. The reflection reveals herself to be not Madeline, but Part of Madeline. The two converse; Part of Madeline attempts to convince Madeline that Madeline should stop climbing Celeste Mountain, saying that it's too difficult a task for Madeline to manage. When Madeline insists that she needs to continue climbing Celeste Mountain, Part of Madeline proposes that the two of them go home together, then begins chasing Madeline through the level.

After an intense chase, Part of Madeline stops chasing Madeline and disappears, laughing. Madeline continues running until she encounters a pay-phone, which she observes to be ringing. After some hesitation, Madeline picks up the payphone, and is answered by a green-haired boy, who she has an increasingly confusing conversation with. After revealing that he knows that Madeline is calling from a payphone, the boy insists that Madeline called him. Madeline then reveals to him what has just happened to her over the course of the chapter, but he insists that she's making all of it up. As she tries to reveal more of her experiences to him, she realizes that she's dreaming, which he confirms, then gives her more evidence to believe that she's dreaming. Part of Madeline then appears in front of Madeline, telling Madeline that it's time for her to give up and go home, after which the payphone transforms into a giant monster and eats Madeline.

Madeline wakes up to find herself back at the Celeste Memorial, where everything has returned to normal. Madeline then encounters Theo, and they converse briefly. Madeline then continues until she finds the payphone again; she uses this to call her mother, who tries to help Madeline calm down.
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Part of Madeline: You can't handle this.
Madeline: That is exactly why I need to do this.
Madeline: Are you the weak Part of Me, or the lazy part?
Part of Madeline: I'm the pragmatic part.

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Speedrunning Record Progression

Clear (2A):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Yp 1:59.442 20/2/2018 1
Yp 1:58.150 21/2/2018 5
Zifre 1:54.444 26/2/2018 30
Buhbai 1:51.911 28/3/2018 4
Buhbai 1:51.078 1/4/2018 14
Buhbai 1:50.704 15/4/2018 1
Buhbai 1:50.058 16/4/2018 5
Buhbai 1:48.732 21/4/2018 21
Promblemstrol 1:48.358 12/5/2018 9
Promblemstrol 1:47.474 21/5/2018 11
Promblemstrol 1:46.862 1/6/2018 29
Promblemstrol 1:45.638 30/6/2018 21
Buhbai 1:45.519 21/7/2018 57
TGH 1:45.128 6/9/2018 31
Buhbai 1:44.346 7/10/2018 1
Buhbai 1:43.938 8/10/2018 20
Buhbai 1:43.700 28/10/2018 32
Lev067 1:43.258 29/11/2018 40
Lev067 1:42.782 8/1/2019 10
Lev067 1:42.476 18/1/2019 41
Lev067 1:41.150 28/2/2019 36
FPlush 1:41.065 5/4/2019 2
FPlush 1:40.657 7/4/2019 0
FPlush 1:40.351 7/4/2019 12
FPlush 1:40.011 19/4/2019 7
FPlush 1:39.858 26/4/2019 96
Lev067 1:39.824 31/7/2019 85
Lev067 1:38.838 6/10/2019 1
Lev067 1:38.396 7/10/2019 84
Lev067 1:37.580 30/12/2019 50+

B-Side (2B):

Name Time Date Days Standing
TheFallingLotus 1:48.834 20/2/2018 158
Benteezy 1:43.717 28/7/2018 9
Scrublord 1:43.649 6/8/2018 11
Jumpyluff 1:42.646 17/8/2018 22
TGH 1:42.527 8/9/2018 25
Jumpyluff 1:40.946 3/10/2018 2
Jumpyluff 1:39.807 5/10/2018 51
Problemstrol 1:39.144 25/11/2018 27
Aurora Dash 1:38.209 22/12/2018 2
Aurora Dash 1:32.701 24/12/2018 267
Fishmcmuffins 1:32.038 17/9/2019 3
Zkad 1:29.318 20/9/2019 5
Aurora Dash 1:28.213 25/9/2019 2
Zkad 1:27.975 27/9/2019 144+

C-Side (2C):

Name Time Date Days Standing
Doroco 31.603 29/1/2018 5
Really_Tall 25.058 3/2/2018 1
TmLuffy 23.783 4/2/2018 37
TheFallingLotus 23.392 13/3/2018 116
Bewnie 22.712 7/7/2018 33
Buhbai 21.947 9/8/2018 62
Jumpyluff 21.454 10/10/2018 1
Jumpyluff 21.386 11/10/2018 321
Zkad 21.165 28/8/2019 31
Zkad 20.995 18/9/2019 153+

Full Clear:

Name Time Date Days Standing
Audien 6:08.832 23/2/2018 18
TheFallingLotus 4:29.246 13/3/2018 41
Saieden 4:14.745 23/4/2018 61
Jumpyluff 4:06.687 23/6/2018 1
Buhbai 3:44.196 24/6/2018 53
Buhbai 3:38.416 16/8/2018 470
UltraMarlin 3:32.976 29/11/2019 81+

Major Strategies

The A-side version of the level contains the "cutscene warp" glitch, where, by being in a particular location at the moment a specific cutscene begins, then immediately skipping it, one can clip into the ceiling, saving about one second.

The B-side version contains an esoteric skip sometimes referred to as "altarskip", where 5-6 seconds can be saved with the use of a pixel-perfect diagonal demodash.

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