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Given its somewhat divisive history, a rule that applies only to the Objects page has been implemented to try to minimize conflict on that page. In short, the rule is:

Don't remove duplicate objects.

Admittedly, this is a non-intuitive rule. The rationale for it can be seen below.

Drawbacks of Different Object Page Formats

Object Format 1 entry = 1 object = 1 name 1 entry = 1 name 1 entry = 1 object with many names
Drawback 1 Constant squabbles about how things should be named Entries with redundant information Entry titles that would be difficult to look at or find in the page's table of contents
Drawback 2 Frequent object name changes, confusing regulars N/A Initial alteration of many redirects and implementation of anchors
Drawback 3 Large amounts of cleanup for an admin fixing/creating redirects N/A Regular maintenance of anchors, including reversion of anchor edits
Drawback 4 N/A N/A Potential squabbles about what the anchors should be named, likely causing anchor edits which an admin would then have to revert (see above)


As a result of the above, format 2 (1 entry = 1 name) is currently being used for the Objects page. As removing duplicate Object names would shift the page into one of the other two formats, which would have more drawbacks, please do not remove duplicate Object names, or you will be reverted.

Thank you.