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This page is being kept as an archive of all pages that do not concern Celeste, but that were nonetheless transferred here as part of this merger. Each section here was its own page on the old wiki.

Dran and Lumia

Dran is the god of the sun and knowledge.

Lumia is the goddess of the moon and beauty.

Solar of Unrest

The Solar of Unrest (previously called 'The Solar of Hope') is a cursed solar in the middle of the city of NAME_OF_VILLAGE.

The ghosts that plague this village will never step into the afterlife, they're cursed to staying in the earth and never rest.

Whoever dies near the solar will be cursed too.

The source of the curse is unknown, altough it has been there long enough to forget the date when the town was cursed.

The ghosts retain all of their memories so historians constantly come here for detailed history, altough their memories may not be really good.


This tower is said to have been the one to impale one of the old gods.

Temple of Eternity

The temple of eternity is one of the seven temene described on the Book of Navi.

The temple is home to a single person at any time, although visitors are allowed on occasion, they cannot stay more than a day.

The person who lives here is called the Scribe of the World, called simply the Scribe. The purpose of this person is to keep an eternal record of the happenings of the world while living there and observing the world go by.

Decreased aging is experienced by any person living in the temple, usually doubling or even tripling the lifespan of the person. It is impossible for a scribe to leave the temple once they have taken their vows.

At the moment of their death, it is customary for a scribe to leave a book of her past experiences and most notable events to the next scribe. Usually these events are of much importance and went unnoticed to the world.

With training inside the temple of eternity, one can develop the power of precognition.