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Celeste Classic was the original free version of Celeste, created in 2016. It was written for the Pico-8 virtual console. The game can be found on Pico-8's website or on itch.io. The original code is a form of the Lua programming language, although the version of Celeste Classic found inside the main Celeste game is written in C#.

In the full version of Celeste, Celeste Classic can be unlocked by finding a hidden room in Celestial Resort Side A.

Celeste Pico-8.png

After finding Celeste Classic for the first time, the game can be played from the Main Menu in the future.

Beating Celeste Classic can unlock the Real Gamer achievement on the Steam version of Celeste.

If playing with debug mode enabled, Celeste Classic can be loaded using the pico command. To access a certain level, the coordinates x and y can be used according to this chart on Google Drive.

It seems that the only map in Celeste Classic is Forsaken City even when reaching 500+ meters. There isnt any plot in Celeste Classis since the game instantly starts you on the beggining of the mountain. But, there is a chest if you reach 2200 meters that gives you a green orb that if you collect, you earn double dashes. It may be a representation of when Badeline fused with Madeline on chapter 6.