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Ninjanono155 Ninjanono155 11 May

Reach For the Summit

Reach for the Summit

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L2 A Six L2 A Six 13 April 2021

i remember being here

this was my introduction to both fandom and celeste. i love celeste, and what's a better way to find out about the game than this fucking wiki?

i haven't been active for a long time, and i really wanted to come back. thank you.

also there's a voice clip in farewell, if you look into its audio files there will be something called secret_character. if you listen to it it's the chorus of never gonna give you up

lena rickrolled us

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L2 A Six L2 A Six 24 June 2020

Celeste Diary: Log 1


So... I have climbed Celeste Mountain very much, and I gotta say, it IS pretty hard. I mean, I can't complete Chapter 2: Old Site and beyond without Assist Mode. I'm like: OH GOD. trying to keep up with the obstacles and pretty much the beat and everything. 

I'm also like:


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L2 A Six L2 A Six 4 June 2020

Celeste Wiki Notes

Badeline: Change the name to Part of Madeline. (seen)

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Wikikinetic Wikikinetic 17 February 2020

My Dearest Friends

Hi everyone. Let's make this brief.

I'm leaving the wiki.

Due to personal anxiety around Celeste, I can't stay here.

It's been a great ride, and I wish you all the best.

I'm leaving this in the hands of our admins Kuroikyuu and Malletspace.

Hopefully, some time in the future, I'll return here. Until and unless that occurs...


And eat lots of strawberries ;)

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BreadRaven BreadRaven 12 June 2018


I'm just here to say that I've just started the game, but after my first save's completion I'll probably start to help this wiki.

Also, if you've read this, how active is everyone?

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