Badeline is the main antagonist later turned deuteragonist of Celeste who haunts Madeline from chapter 2 onward, trying to make her regret climbing the mountain.

Appearance Edit

"This is what I look like, okay? Deal with it." ― Badeline[source]

She is petite like Madeline and has long purple hair, pale skin, and red eyes. She wears a purple jacket with black pants and boots, resembling a goth version of Madeline. She is generally seen levitating in the air with a purple aura about her.

Personality Edit

In Chapter 2, Badeline considers herself as Madeline's "Pragmatic" side. Madeline tells her in Chapter 6 that she is paranoid, controlling, and cruel. Badeline is sarcastic and her anger is often provoked during the storyline before she and Madeline make amends. This is seen at the beginning of Chapter 6, when Madeline is nearing the top of the mountain.

Badeline is the more insecure part of Madeline, who is afraid of being alone and sad. She thinks in a more logical way rather than following her heart like Madeline wishes to, as is seen throughout the story. Badeline hates being incriminated, and this happens in the Mirror temple. She believes in dealing with her problems beforehand rather than doing mistakes and sorting them out. Badeline is a powerful magical entity, capable of breaking through multiple feet of hard rock when in an excited or depressed state.

Badeline also appears to have a detailed knowledge of the mountain, as seen in Chapter 5 and Chapter 7.

Biography Edit

Badeline is a character who is introduced in Chapter 2. Initially, she is seen in a mirror and breaks out of it. It is assumed that the magic of Celeste mountain brought Badeline out of Madeline in order to make her face her problems and fears head-on. Badeline appears around Madeline throughout the journey, from Chapter 2 onwards.

In Chapter 2, she tries to stop Madeline from climbing the Mountain by talking and then chasing her. She follows Madeline's exact movements from 3 seconds in the past, and any multiple instances of Badeline follow by another 3 seconds.

In Chapter 3, she provokes Mr Oshiro and gives Oshiro a bad impression of Madeline, ending up in the chase at the end of the chapter. Mr Oshiro ends up chasing Madeline until the last room in the chapter.

In Chapter 4, Badeline appears only in the end, where she halts the gondola after Madeline gets anxious from the heights. This initiates a panic attack, and the famous "Feather Scene", where the player will have to slow down Madeline's heartbeat and calm her down.

In Chapter 5, she appears in the Seeker part, where she tells Madeline about what the mirror temple does. She gives a detailed description over multiple cutscenes at the beginning of the chapter.

At the beginning of Chapter 6, Madeline calls her for a conversation and saying that she is better without her, arguing that both of sides would be happier, which makes Badeline afraid and angry. Badeline also had her own insecurities and felt that Madeline was leaving her for dead at the mountain. By mocking Madeline's resolve, she succeeds in making Madeline fall into anxiety and fear. A purple appendage grabs Madeline from the air, making her struggle for breath. After Madeline attempts to use the feather trick taught to her by Theo, Badeline breaks the feather, rendering it useless. She pulls Madeline down to the bottom of Mt. Celeste, trying to break Madeline's resolve, but fails in the process. Madeline slowly fights her way to Badeline and convinces her to climb the Mountain together. She fuses with Madeline after sorting things out and finding an understanding with her. In this way, Madeline gains a second dash, and Badeline boosting her up to at certain places. She becomes a cooperative helper and realizes the good in Madeline. Together, they both climb up to the summit of Celeste Mountain in the 7th Chapter, where Madeline and Badeline have conversations about each other and the climb.

Notably, she makes no appearance in Chapter 8 (Except as a Purple orb).

She makes a reappearance in Chapter 9, where she tries to stop Madeline from chasing the Bird, thinking it is just a bird and it is pointless to follow it. Madeline disagrees and looks for the bird without Badeline's help. Badeline later fails to persuade Madeline again, telling her that she is just dreaming. She then tries a third time, which Madeline finally agrees to, except that Madeline would free the bird before waking up, as the bird is trapped behind electricity.
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Quotes Edit

"You are not a mountain climber."

"Let's go home together."

"Take one more step and I'll make you regret it!"

Trivia Edit

  • She is only referred to as Badeline internally and in the game's Steam trading cards.[2] Throughout the entire game she is only referred to as "Part of You/Me".
    • She is also referred to as "ghost" in the graphics folder.

References Edit

  1. Badeline could theoretically be anywhere from a few days old—if she's "born" at the start of the game—to Madeline's actual age of 19+ (presumed). Given this large span of potential ages for Badeline and the absence of any confirmed age for Badeline, her age should be referred to simply as unknown.
  2. Steam Community Market listing for the Badeline card
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