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Celeste's achievements can be collected through a variety of means. Here, every achievement will be listed, as well as a short explanation on how to obtain them.

Chapter Achievements

These achievements are obtained by completing Chapters.
  • Celeste: Climb Celeste Mountain.
  • Forsaken: Complete Chapter 1. (Hidden)
  • Archaeology: Complete Chapter 2. (Hidden)
  • Checking Out: Complete Chapter 3. (Hidden)
  • Breathe: Complete Chapter 4. (Hidden)
  • In the Mirror: Complete Chapter 5. (Hidden)
  • Reflection: Complete Chapter 6. (Hidden)
  • Farewell: Complete Chapter 9. (Hidden)
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Strawberry Achievements

These achievements are obtained by collecting Strawberries.
  • Strawberry Badge: Collect 30 Strawberries. (Hidden)
  • Strawberry Medal: Collect 80 Strawberries. (Hidden)
  • Impress Your Friends: Collect 175 Strawberries. (Hidden)
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Miscellaneous Achievements

The methods of obtaining these achievements vary.
  • Gateway: Collect a Cassette.
  • Real Gamer: Complete the PICO-8 version of Celeste.
  • 1UP!: Get a 1UP.
  • Wow: Collect the moon berry.
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Crystal Heart Achievements

These achievements are obtained by collecting Crystal Hearts.
  • Pointless Machines: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 1.
  • Resurrections: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 2.
  • Scattered and Lost: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 3.
  • Eye of the Storm: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 4.
  • Quiet and Falling: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 5.
  • Heavy and Frail: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 6.
  • Pink Sunrise: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 7.
  • Heart of the Mountain: Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 8.
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Alternate Chapter Achievements

These achievements are related to both B-Side and C-Side chapters.
  • Sever the Skyline: Complete Chapter 1's B-Side.
  • Black Moonrise: Complete Chapter 2's B-Side.
  • Good Karma: Complete Chapter 3's B-Side.
  • Golden Feather: Complete Chapter 4's B-Side.
  • Mirror Magic: Complete Chapter 5's B-Side.
  • Centre of the Earth: Complete Chapter 6's B-Side.
  • No More Running: Complete Chapter 7's B-Side.
  • Say Goodbye: Complete Chapter 8's B-Side.
  • Thanks For Playing: Complete every C-Side.
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Obtaining Achievements

There are certain achievements in the game that may not be obvious to get. Here, some of them will be explained, however it's recommended to try them on your own to avoid getting spoiled.


The player has to find one of the hidden Cassettes in the game. A full description of their placements can be seen in the Cassette Guide.


This achievement can be tricky to get for people who aren't familiar how collecting strawberries work. When a player grabs a berry, they have to wait for a little bit on a solid, still platform to properly get it. In order to get the achievement, they have to collect a chain of six berries in a row. The item won't be collected if a player stays on moving blocks (example: Traffic Blocks) or when they are constantly in the air and they aren't standing on the ground for very long. In order to chain strawberries, the player has to keep dashing or bunny hopping to prevent them from getting collected. Getting all six in a row will cause the "points" to go up until the player gets an "1UP" sign.
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Also known as the "Moon Berry". It's a secret path that can be found by the player when they keep going left after breaking the Vault in the last screen of Farewell. This will lead them to a large group of levitating rock platforms the player has to climb on in order to get to a hidden area. The last section paired with the Moon Berry route is pretty long, however it has checkpoints on the way. Once the player gets to the hidden section, they find an enclosed area that on the first glance seems to be a dead end, but there's a singular crystal spinner that requires the player to take a mandatory death in order to get teleported to the next room. After that, the player will reach the last checkpoint, with a relatively long area that tests their ability to use the jellyfish. Once the section is completed, the player will float upwards onto a group of blocks. The Moon Berry can be found above the middle floating platform. Once the players grab it, a "Wow" text appears and a unique sound is played. Above the berry, a Purple Orb can be seen which leads the player to the end of the chapter.
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